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Our main focus is on changing people’s lives mainly focusing on Health, Wellness and Wealth. This is achieved by mastering the art of leverage, connected economy and distribution of remarkable products that ranges from natural food supplements, health, wellness, beauty and personal care products. Our members earn amazing income by connecting people to people and people to products

Our project is empowered by Alliance In Motion Global also known as AIM Global. AIM Global is an International leading Direct selling company with over 5 million distributors across the globe and it was founded in Philippine in the year 2006 on the principle of changing people’s lives through its remarkable products and proven compensation plan. AIM Global is known for turning ordinary People into extra ordinary millionaires. It’s distributors are present in most African countries and it’s on a massive expansion program in Africa through it’s newly introduced Economy Designer plan 3.0 marketing plan

Since it’s inception, Alliance In Motion Global, has turned thousands of people ‘s lives across the globe from Zero to Heroes and from grass to grace.
TGA_IE (the team) enjoys working with people from across the globe and our ultimate goal is to inspire, empower, train, support and mentor interested individuals so that they become financially independent and also live a healthy lifestyle.
Once you join, you get all the required support, training and mentorship for you to kick-start your business so that you get the desired success.


Our mission is to touch and transform people's lives. We mainly focus on health, wellness and wealth. To create worth and make a distinction. To see every member's life transformed physically, mentally and financially.


  • *Working together as a team with a common objective of building business empires for team members
  • *To have a great place to work and be the best team where members are inspired to be the best that they can be.
  • *To see every member’s life transformed mentally, financially and physically.
  • *Seeing members lives transformed from Zero to Heroes
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